About us


Formad Studio is a London-based design office which maintains an innovative and environmentally conscientious approach in architecture, interior design and product design work.  it re-examines each project through the lens of customer and content, focusing on creating unique designs. Formad Studio, which holds on firmly to the principles of design in developing the optimum solutions in order to attain impeccable results, has signed its name to many successful projects of different scales and functions. Formad Studio, which has worked in a wide array of areas such as offices, singular-plural housing, hotels, cafes, museums, fitness centers, conference halls, exhibition areas and fair stands, aims to produce spaces that will respond to people’s needs at the highest-level, combining dynamic and flexile plan solutions to the traditional-technological application techniques and materials in producing projects.

Interior design


Formad Studio designs places and living spaces that are transformative and flexible as well as modern, dynamic, colorful and can be utilized to meet the needs of different users. It envisions traditional and natural materials together, examining sustainability within material choice and application detail, renewing its experience and knowledge in this filed with technological developments.



Formad Studio, while designing projects that are meeting the needs of users, which are quickly transforming and renewing, also take the environment into consideration, putting forth a unique and modern interpretation. 336 demonstrates its environmentally friendly, sustainable design concept in details and material selection, aiming to produce holistic architectural solutions.

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